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What we do

We can support you with all aspects of leading an independent lifestyle. Helping you keep up your favorite pastime whether it is a sport, watching the home games or to visiting family and friends as it can be hard to keep in touch or even harder getting out seeing your family and friends. Aamina can support you to visit someone you care about, from a neighbour to a family member living away or even support with contact by writing and posting a letter or card.

Supporting a wide range of mental health issues such as:

Dementia, Alzheimer's & other mental illnesses

Monitoring the way we care for people living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia is an important part of delivering the very highest standards of specialist dementia care. Our Dementia Care Mapping, process is internationally recognised for promoting a holistic approach to improving life for each individual because it evaluates the quality of the care being provided from the perspective of the person with dementia.

Through close observation our staff who are trained in DCM observe a group of residents over several hours, recording every detail about their care, about what each individual does and how engaged he or she is with their environment. They also record when a person shows negative, neutral or positive emotions, such as frustration or joy.

Dementia Care Mapping is valuable for two key reasons, most importantly because it reveals the level of satisfaction each resident has with their living experience, each person's emotional well-being and the variety of their experiences. It helps us understand how to support each resident and to achieve a higher level of engagement with their surroundings,

This detailed information helps with in-house training and staff development, enabling each member of the care and support teams to reflect on their own experiences, the effect they have on each resident's well being, how they can enhance their team work and better develop their interventions with people living with dementia.

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Elderly care

Do you feel you have reached a point where support/ assistance has become a necessity to maintain your independence, Aamina Homecare provides a service designed around you. Our aim is to offer you peace of mind, reassurance, stability, companionship, personal care and assistance with everyday tasks.

We support/assist people to remain independent and to give you the ability to stay in your home for as long as possible. To do that we offer a flexible service that will meet your needs which can be adapted as your needs/ support changes.

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Those with physical disabilities

Aamina Homecare provides a professional service which can help maximize independence. We understand that customers have varying needs. Frequently we help with elements of personal care such as help with getting up, with everyday tasks like cooking or laundry, or washing and showering. However, our service goes further than this.

Our ethic is to help people enjoy as full a life as possible. We help people to be independent. If you have a physical disability (or someone living with you has) you may need assistance to enable you to use essential facilities in your home, for instance the bathroom or kitchen. Or you may need help with personal care, or for accessing the community.

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Those with sensory loss

Sensory loss can be the result of illness OR ACCIDENT these can include stroke, M.S, M. N. Disease and many more. We provide a service that enables those who wish to remain within the familiarity and comfort of home, the opportunity to do so. We offer continuity and support thus providing independence to include all daily tasks from getting up in the morning to assistance with going to bed.

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Our aims and company ethos

Aamina is all about providing outcome-focused, person-centered services promoting independence, health, well being, choice together with healthy and fulfilled lifestyles. Read more